Hosted by Christine Betzold MSN NP IBCLC

Breastfeeding Advice, Advocacy & Assistance

For the health care professional, learning about breastfeeding,
assisting mothers, advocating change and helping moms and babies flourish
can be incredibly satisfying.

For the mother who succeeds in breastfeeding,
it is rewarding beyond mere words...

Our mission is to assist new mothers by providing support and accurate information on breastfeeding to both mom's and their doctors, midwives and nurse practitioners.

Health care providers, we want to help assist you in the development of a baby-friendly and breastfeeding-amicable clinical practice, for heathier patients and babies.

The process of learning about breastfeeding and bringing about change in our community is often a slow and tedious process. Still, each step we take is a step closer to healthy babies and healthy parenthood.