This checklist form is to document that your patient has received the handout.
Simply initial next to the visit number once the handout is given.

1 INT. Advantages of breastmilk v.s. formula. Human milk is FAR SUPERIOR to
2 INT. Discuss normal breast anatomy and the suitability of your clients breasts for lactation. Handouts, "Breastfeeding is Far Superior to bottle feeding & Infant Feeding Costs".
3 INT. Handout, "Breast or Bottle." Strategies for Success."
4 INT. Handouts, " Some Breastfeeding Myths & More Breastfeeding Myths."
5 INT. Handouts , " More and More Breastfeeding Myths & Still More Breastfeeding Myths."
6 INT. Handouts, " Breastfeeding and Eating" and "Artificial Baby Milk."
7 INT. Handouts, " Working and breastfeeding,""Separation and Storage," & "Nursing in Public."
8 INT. Handout, "Safely putting Baby to Sleep" and Department of Health services , "Importance of Breastfeeding." Diane Wiessinger, " Low-Tech Mothering & "Wearing your baby."
9 INT. Handouts on "Sore nipples", Triple Nipples and Early Weaning, "Feeding Problems and Solutions", and Engorgement.
10 INT. Handouts on " Breastfed Babies Milestones" include table and flow sheet. Emphasize that natural weaning occurs over months. Remind about the growth spurts.
11 INT. Handouts, "Breastfeeding--Starting Out Right & Breastfeeding and Jaundice". Emphasize minimizing labor medications. Distribute The Orange County Breastfeeding Coalition resource book.
12 INT. Milk supply handout, "Is my Baby getting enough milk?" & "Sleepy Baby." "Three Course Meal and a Dance.

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