When a women is seen for her first OB appointment she is often given a packet of information about the hospital she will deliver at as well as information about her prenatal care and common pregnancy concerns.

Most orientation packets however often do not discuss one of the most important decisions a mother will make about the care of her infant. Unfortunately the reverse is frequently occurring. Many formula companies offer to put these packets together and they include formula advertisements and samples which are then distributed by providers who don't realize that they are inadvertently and unwittingly promoting formula.

To counter this I have developed the "The BEST START" brochure (be sure to print horizontally) which discusses the feeding choices without advertising formula. The advantages and disadvantages are looked at from the infant's perspective.

Another facet of the orientation packets to consider is the package they come in. I have been able to get Medela and Hollister to donate bags for our packets instead of using the formula companies "free" bags.

In addition, you may want to consider including Marsha Walker's list of formula and baby food recalls either in the orientation packets or later on in the prenatal program.