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Prenatal Program


The purpose of this program is to educate pregnant women before they deliver. Most pregnant mothers have decided on a method of feeding months before they deliver. Those that choose to breastfeed are motivated and eager to learn. Educating women postpartum is less effective because the postpartum woman is quite fatigued, emotionally labile and stressed. In addition, by properly educating the mother beforehand most breastfeeding problems can be prevented. This program capitalizes on the eagerness of mothers to learn, at a point during which she can learn and when she has the time to learn (because she is waiting for her HCP during a prenatal visit).

There are usually about 13 prenatal visits per pregnancy; this program divides the information into 12 visits. The program is really quite simple. A series of handouts are arranged and divided into 12 packets one packet per visit. The HCP’s medical assistant distributes the handout packet when she or he rooms the mother. The mother is then instructed to read the handouts while waiting for the provider.

The medical assistant then checks off that the mother has been given that visit’s packet. If a visit or packet is missed, it is made up at the next appointment. The HCP is instructed to emphasize certain key points during each visit, if the mother has any concerns or questions about her handout, she can ask the HCP at this time.

Prenatal Visit Checklist

Prenatal Education Checklist - Provider Key

Index of Prenatal Visit Handouts

Prenatal Orientation Packet