Hosted by Christine Betzold MSN NP IBCLC

Program Results


This program was conducted within a family practice setting that followed the American Academy of Pediatrics’, “Ten steps to Support Parents’ Choice to Breastfeed Their Baby”.

It included 33 mostly Caucasian upper or middle class women of which 48% had a bachelors or higher degree.

Questionnaires were used to assess: breastfeeding goals, breastfeeding rates and maternal perception. 

Percent change was used to measure increases in goals. A 200% increase in exclusive breastfeeding goals and 160% increase in the overall duration of breastfeeding goals were demonstrated. 

6 month breastfeeding duration rates were 73% of which 27% were almost exclusively breastfeeding.  12 month duration rates were 33%. 

100% of mothers recommended the prenatal component and 97% recommended the postnatal component.  78% felt successful in meeting their duration goals. 

In conclusion, distributing handouts within a breastfeeding friendly family practice setting at each prenatal visit in conjunction with asking mothers to set breastfeeding goals, effectively increased exclusive and overall duration goals and may have increased breastfeeding rates.

The rates reported in this study far exceeded most current U.S. rates as well as the Healthy People 2010 goals. Overall, program perception was positive and mothers felt successful.