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Senseless Weaning








1-2 Years

May nurse as little as 3 times a week or only when hurt or tired.1

Baby becomes aware of bodily functions.

Will begin to use verbal language to ask to nurse. Begin teaching child to be polite when asking to nurse. May want to develop a code word for nursing such as: "num-nums." or “na-na’s.1

At 1—2 years there is an increase in antibody production and 2 cups of moms milk has:
*29% of calories
*43% of protein
*36% of calcium
*75% of vitamin A
*76% of folate
*94% of vitamin B12
*60% of vitamin C needed each day.2 So don't discount the power of nursing your baby just once a day because it is full of antibodies and nutrition. It is not a powerbar but it is powermilk. This is one time that less equals more. Now that's VALUE!

Weaning may be mother or baby led or a mutual process.1 It is different with each pair. At one year of age, many women experience some family or societal pressure to wean even though there are many healthy reasons to continue.1 The World Health Organization recommends all infants be nursed until the age of 2 years.3

At the turn of the 20th century, 50% of U.S. mothers were still breastfeeding their infants at one year of age.4 At one year of age, the infants immune system, although maturing, is still only functioning at 60%. Child begins to actively communicate using words. Babbles short "sentences".

2 Years and Beyond

May nurse as little as once a month or or only when hurt or tired.1

Potty training occurs.

May ask to nurse and even comment on flavor. May thank mommy for nursing. Naptimes are rarely a struggle when baby is nursed to sleep.

Antibodies again surge at 4-5 years of age. At this age nurse simply because you both enjoy it, any milk produced is an extra bonus. Mutual weaning is IDEAL.

Some moms donate their milk to a milk bank. The milk is used for premature or ill babies who need the immune system boost that human milk provides. Worldwide, women nurse their children an average of 4.2 years. Baby's immune system matures at 5-6 years.

Worldwide, women nurse their children an average of 4.2 years.6 Baby's immune system fully matures around age 5.5

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