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Educational Breastfeeding Handouts
for the Physician, Health Care Provider & Mothers


Please Note: Before you print the series of Milestones Handouts, be sure to first change the Page Setup, Document Setup, or Orientation of the page to the sideways orientation (Man horizontal) by choosing File>Page Setup > and then choosing landscape or the sideway orientated image.

Milestones Handout #1 Days 2-14

Milestones Handout #2 Weeks 2-12

Milestones Handout #3 Months 3-7

Milestones Handout #4 Months 7-12

Milestones Handout #5 Years 1-2

Baby's First Year Foods Handout

Please Note: The following documents are to be printed horizontally. Please make sure you have changed your orientation back to letter.

Milestones Handout #6 1 page Birth to 2

On Weaning Handout

Senseless Weaning Handout

Fall In Love With Nursing Handout

Baby's Safety 0-4 Months Handout

Baby's Safety 4-8 Months Handout

Baby's Safety 8-12 Months Handout

Safely Putting Baby To Sleep Handout

Feeding Problems and Solutions Handout

Other Feeding Tips Handout

Strategies for Success Handout

Teething Handout

Feeding Baby Newsletter

Breastfeeding is Far Superior To Artifical Formula Handout

Breastfeeding and Eating

Nursing in Public

Breastfeeding During Pregnancy

Dr. Newman's Handouts

Australian Breastfeeding Association Handouts

San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition Articles

Bilingual(English/Spanish) Breastfeeding Handouts

Dia L Michels Handouts