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Breastfed Well Baby Program


One goal of this program is to gently encourage women to continue breastfeeding their infants and to prevent premature weaning due to misinformation, myths and cultural misconceptions.

The other goal is to enlighten mothers about the superiority of their human milk which provides the most effective means of comfort during times of illness, fatigue and other discomforts and can keep their babies safe from illness, hospitalization and even death.

To run the proram, handouts will be distributed at the onset of every routine. The program begins with the first week visit and ends with the 1 year visit or weaning, whichever comes first.

At the first visit have the mother complete the "Breastfeeding Screening Form". Next the medical assistant or the Health Care Provider should complete the "Breastfeeding Assessment Form". Finally, a "Well Breastfed Infant Care Flow Sheet" is provided that incorporates breastfeeding anticipatory guidance and milestones along with the routine care provided during well child visits.

All mothers should be informed of the importance and rational for "Exclusive Breastfeeding." Documentation should reflect this emphasis by assessing whether the infant is exclusively breastfed, partially breastfed or weaned at each well child visit. This can be noted in the assessment column on the Well Child Flow Sheet along with any other assessments.

The program may be discontinued in the event of early or premature weaning. Document the premature weaning in the assessment column as well as on the problem list at the front of the infant's chart. Finally, distribute the "How to Bottle-feed Formula" handout.

Breastfed Well Baby Program
Visit Handouts:
1st week

Milestones Birth to 2 weeks
Feeding Baby Newsletter
He can’t be Hungry. He, Just Ate! (Diane Wiessinger order cd for copyrights)
First Week Engorgement

Back to Sleep

2nd week Milestones 2-12 weeks
Falling in Love
Breastmilk storage
Safety tips from Birth to 4 months
Better than Breastfeeding!(Diane Wiessinger order cd for copyrights)
2 months Milestones 3-7 mos
Senseless Weaning
4 months You Should Still Breastfeed-Drugs and Breastfeeeding (Dr. Newman)
Illness and Breastfeeding (Dr. Newman)
Teeth and Teething and Biting
Solids Wait a Bit!(by Diane Wiessinger (order cd for copyrights)
Safety Tips from 4-8 months
6 months Milk Bank
Milestones 7 mos -12 mos
On Weaning
Ibuprofen (Motrin/Advil)
Foods for 1st Year
Safety Tips from 8-12 months
9 months As needed
12-18 months Nursing your Toddler (Dr. Newman)
Milestones 1-2 years and Beyond
Tandem nursing

Medical Assistants, please place an X over the visit once handouts have been given.

Dr. Newman's Handouts

Australian Breastfeeding Association Handouts

San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition Articles

Bilingual(English/Spanish) Breastfeeding Handouts